Burma 3 Days 2 Nights With the first tour better than I thought.

When I was thinking of going to the Burmese “Burmese” sacred hearing rumors. I do not know how to find a good tour, we do not leave before flying. Finally, choose Planet Holidays Travel Tour Myanmar 3 days 2 nights, affordable price 9,997 baht, plus flight time good morning to late night. This is why I called to ask for more details and reservations.

On the day of arrival it will be a little worried. It is difficult to eat. The data is also inquisitive.

As far as arriving at the airport will see the staff of Planet Holidays Travel standing waiting for the tour is fast approaching. What are you waiting for?

After passing the bag, the guide is taken to the bus to pay homage to the first “the reclining Buddha” or “King of the sun” length 55 feet high 16 feet in style, Myanmar is sweet and unique. This is the color of the eyes and bright nails.

There will be 108 sacred images.

What makes us impress this temple in addition to the beauty of the lord is no one to sell the offerings. There are only one flower counters in the building. And this measure we do not have to pay a camera or video camera.

I’m glad to hear that. “Bota Town” was built by thousands of soldiers to contain the relics. There were 8 Indian monks, 2,000 years ago, and in 1923 the pagoda was bombed by the Allies. The golden urn containing the statue of Buddha. 2 Buddha / gold / silver / bronze over 700 inscriptions Pali. And the Indian Brahmin script. Inside this pagoda is decorated with colorful tiles. And there is a corner for meditation. The wall is golden yellow.

Then go to the place where we are waiting for the Burmese trip is instant, “the immortal gods” or the Burmese called “Nabboo Yee” sacred god of the Burmese. It is said that the blessing and quick success of your name. We do not need to stand here because the guide will teach us the right way to pay attention, then we follow.

How to pay homage to the goddess (Nutboobi) is a flower / fruit offerings. Especially coconut / banana, the goddess of instant (Nabobo Yee) very much and bring money (US dollars or kangaroo. We recommend you take the Thai baht because we are Thai people.) Put the hands of the goddess (Nutboo) two leaves to pay a blessing and then bring back the leaves to keep it. Then the forehead to touch with the index finger of the instant (Nabobo), this will be fulfilled by the desire to ask.

Then jump across the street to pay homage to the “whispered god” named “Amadeus” according to legend. She is the daughter of a serpent who strongly believed in Buddhism. The precepts do not eat meat until the death to become a nut. The Burmese people have long been worshiped. The blessing and worship of whispers will be using milk, rice, flowers and fruits. Because he has to worship around 4-5 people.

The bus is ready to go to the last place of the first day. “Phra Maha Chedi Shwedagon Pagoda” golden pagoda prized over two thousand five hundred years. It is the largest pagoda in Myanmar. Just listen to the greatness. Oh, oh my God! Both pretty magical. .

This place has a prayer hall, which is the same area where Bong Nong asked for blessing before the battle. We can bring flowers, incense candles to pay homage to blessings to strengthen the prestige and prosperity.

Before going back to the tour, the group will be called to collect the memorial. After that, take us to dinner and return to the hotel for free. The first night is about this. Luxury, super comfortable.

Wake up to day 2, we ride the bus to “good girl”, the old capital of Mon is over 400 years old.

The first landmark of today is “royal palace” and the throne of the bee. Recently excavated and restored in the year 1990 from the ruins remain. It is assumed that this ancient site is the residence of God. The king was given the nickname. The “winners of the twelfth”, as well as the residence of Queen Supan Kalaya and King Naresuan the Great, were prisoners of war at the time of the fall. Today, the palace is only a trace of history. The palace and the palace were built. Come up with a quote from the Chronicles.

In terms of luxury, not to mention. I want everyone to see with their eyes, because the real place is beautifully beautiful.

Then the guide will take to the monks over 1,000 images at the temple of Ojai Ooh, 1,000 photos, just heard it excited. View Profile Monks are very long and row. I have never had a good time. This temple is a place to study the Buddhist scriptures of monks and novices. We can bring a pen pencil to donate it. Who wants to put things in the bag to put on the machine.

Then go to the highest pagoda in Burma. “Phra Maha Chedi Moor” or “Phra That Mu Mu” is a hot nose because it is so high that it must look up to the sun. The guide will take us to worship. The peak of the pagoda, which Mon and Burmese people believe is a very sacred spot. When the tide fell in 1930 with huge weight. But it is still the same and not spread out until it is rumored.

At this point, the guide teaches us the right way to pay homage to the top of the broken pagoda. Go ahead with brick and bless the prosperity. It is like a life to thrive.

After that, we will take a bus to the city of Jaipur, Mon. We will meet the steel bridge across the river. Historical landmarks in the past while King Naresuan was gathering Thai people back to Ayothaya. Photo Gallery Then go on. “Phra That In Hang” takes around 45 minutes to reach Kim Punk Camp. Changed to a local car as a six-wheel truck. (It is the only bus that we can go to Phra That Hung) to go to the top of the hill and go to pick up the stuff before leaving. “Phra That In Hang”

The miracle “Phra That In Hang” or “Jatujak Tigers” is a small pagoda only 5.5 meters high on the top of the hill. At 1,200 meters above sea level, the Burmese believe there is no way to fall because the sacred sandstone inside the pagoda will keep the stone stable.

For people who have worshiped Phra That In hung this three times, there is a belief. It will be happy to prosper. And what would it be all right? We can prepare gold plate to cover the gold in Phra That In Hung. But gold is only available to men. Women can pray and leave men to shut down instead.

After the sacrifice. We immerse ourselves in the atmosphere and take a picture. I’m going back to my room to rest, because tomorrow I have to wake up to pay homage to the 5th from the night in the second part of the night, this is a photo.

Morning 3, with cold air, light mist, if anyone wakes up early in the morning and want to go to worship the relics hanging in it. Before returning to breakfast and keep the luggage back.

We will not be back in the same way, but instead we will have to sit down. It is said that the atmosphere from the high angle is very good. Level 10 to go to and pretty good is the basket is included in the Myanmar tour immediately.

Then we ride the tour bus. “The Reclining Buddha Vedanta”, the most beautiful sleep of Burma. Buddhist Mon style in 1981, which is respected by the Burmese nationwide length of 55 meters high 18 meters, the subduction is unique as it is not the same as Thailand.

Then go to the same. Jaypee Pagoda The statue is sitting around the four sides, 30 meters high, including the Buddha. Kyaik Kawai Temple is said to have been created by four women of noble Buddhist faith. And they vowed to keep celibacy for a lifetime.

Then the guide will take us to shopping at the “Scottish Market”. There are many local products such as silverware, paintings, wood carvings, jade jewelery, woven garments, talcum powder etc. But we did not buy anything back, so let’s skip this part.

And the last place of this trip is “Temple Barame” that just a name is auspicious life. The guide brought us to the child’s worship of the Buddha. The Burmese believe that they are alive. When the child is put on the tray can move. The temple is also known as the archives of the Lord Buddha. Whether it is the moonscale, saree children and the saints.

When the merit and dedication finished. Before returning and ending the trip to Myanmar, this guide will give you the “instant throne” to enhance your life. As a souvenir, we bring back to worship.

And then come what we are proud of is the menu of all meals Myanmar Tour 3 days 2 nights at Planet Holidays Travel full of children to enjoy the tour throughout the trip.

For special meals. This is a “Shabu Shabu”, a premium meal with a lot of food, pork, meat, shrimp, crab, fish, vegetables, snacks, drinks, there are a lot of good to eat with no fear. I do not really have a menu to choose more than in the picture again. But with the hunger and food to eat it to see it.

Finally, before the review ends. Let’s take a look at the first impression of the tour.

1. The convenience of traveling and planning is not prepared to plan or find anything difficult.
2. Good food, delicious and full meals. Do not worry, we can not eat. Anyone who is allergic to food or vegetarian can report it.
3. How to pay the blessing correctly. In each place, the guide will tell you all the points.
4. Hit the place. Full set We may not be able to travel all this way.
5. Concerned about language and communication. Although we can not speak local dialect, there is always a guide to help. Whether it is a price or emergency.

Hopefully our data will be useful to friends. Interested to visit Myanmar.

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