South Vietnam

South Vietnam is a good country. Everyone wants to get hit (Ho Chi Minh – Da Lat – Mui Ne)

Hello everyone Travel reviews. The tickets are very cute Vietnam is a very good trip. Booking before 1 week only. This trip from 23-26 December, here. When booking tickets, we forget that it is a Christmas holiday. If you go to South Vietnam. I will book your car online to sleep better. Because we go to the late night. Limited Time I choose to sleep that night. We are afraid that the car will be full. View user’s profile Send private message

The first day of the Vietnam earthquake. We believe that many people are often cheated on the Taxi is that it is. We prepared ourselves to be like other friends. And then it was followed by it (cheated to 30,000 vnd).

We have reached it late. I do not have much choice to buy Sim (this is not necessarily buy it. Because Vietnam has free wifi everywhere, really. Can we get it?) We choose to exchange money at the airport. Rather, it is not very bad. Plus, we booked a car to 23.40 pm to scare me.

Take a ride out of our airport. There are not many options. Because the buses are out. How to get tickets at the FUTA BUS office as soon as it is inevitable Taxi where we sit at a normal meter at a price of 120,000 vnd. But it is not finished yet. When you get out of the car. I have to pay the airport tax at 40,000 vnd to go to 50,000 well, it still has to return. I know that the return tax airport is just 10,000 vnd is not cheated until you get it.

Since we booked tickets online, we took the email FUTA BUS sent to the staff to view the Booking Code, then we will get the tickets we identified. (Online booking is good for us to choose a seat in advance. Where do we want to sit? If you travel with an older person. We chose the seat below. Do not wait to win the page. If we go faster. It may be possible. If you go to a slow seat, it may not be left.) The ticket is ready to sit at the shuttle bus to get to the car. On the way to Da Lat, it was a good morning, and it was a very tired day. I have to rush to the airport. The car is very attached because it will stop the New Year. It was a long way to go. Let’s have a look at the time. Do not fall for the machine of course. Now pray alone Do not delay. Do not fall asleep in Vietnam.

First day charge
(I’m about to be around)

1. Air Ticket 5,000 Baht

2. Taxi from airport 120,000 vnd + airport tax 40,000 vnd (260 baht)

3. Sleeping 420,000 vnd (670 baht)

Price per person 2,965 Baht

Da Lat at five and half God help me to sleep, it is not blue, it is not cold, it is not cold. I went with the car. Ask who does not know. But we do not do it. If you are arriving, there will be a bus – send us to the hotel for people who already booked. Take a Vietnamese driver to see it. Go to the top of the page Who will come to the accommodation ahead. I will down here. Convenient We did not help at all 555+. We arrived at the hotel about 7 pm, which was not checked. We have a staff bag before me. The hotel we stay. With full facilities. Baggage allowance Motorbikes for rent, buy a tour to buy a car across the city, no need to go anywhere.

The first thing to do when you arrive at the hotel.

1. Buy a car ticket to Mui Ne tomorrow morning.

2. Buy a tour / motorcycle rental at the same price as if buying a 1 day tour will take you to the hotel. If anyone is riding a bike, the view is fun. We do not have much to ride, we can go on a long trip as much as we enjoy it.

Because morning Rice shop has not opened. So we stayed at the hotel before taking a break. I will leave it. The staff went to open the TV to see the key to the show with 555+ (mood is like in Thailand).
1. Bao Dai Summer Palace (Coordinates 11.930158,108.4295869)
Really a lot of people here. China tour is full. We have to wait for a good beat. People do not hurry to press the shutter button.
2. Cap Treo Da Lat (Cable Car) (11.925096,108.4424685)
Here we are very fussy. That must come I see that like Hong Kong. This is the place to sit two people, it’s a little weird, some people go 4 people, we are afraid of it. Because the basket It’s a good time to be happy, but it’s fun to watch.
This is a view before the basket.

I went down the basket. There are Chinese temples nearby. Can walk to it. If anyone comes to the tour. From the walk to the temple. I have to get to the temple. Do not sit back to the basket again. I do not know what to do. Back to baskets with a motorcycle.

3. Truc Lam Temple (Coordinates 11.9036711,108.4368066)
We do not intend to come to this temple.
4. Thac Dalanta (Coordinates 11.9010977,108.4485894)
Peak point here. We would like to play Roller Coaster at first fan we did not play. I’m afraid it will be derailed, but come here and buy a ticket. If you want to play the same game, you have to sit in the same car with them. I do not have a picture at all, but VDO this is a waterfall below me. Go to the water a lot. The staff here speaks Thai.
5. Valley of Love (Coordinates 11.9801906,108.4499916)
The photo is very cute here. We have a fun amusement park. The view is beautiful to me, do not miss it.
Last for today
6. Da Lat Night Market (Coordinates 11.9425715,108.4367952)
That’s a lot of people walking. It is very difficult to cross the road. But we remember from friends who have come. I do not know what to say. The car was crossing over to see the road ahead. Do not back down is enough. From tired all day. Find the food. Very tasty. Try to choose a store. Most of the staff speak a little Thai. I talk about the level.

We stayed at the Rum Vang II Hotel Da Lat (11.9385887,108.4389141).
It is a choice for many people. Near the market, just 5 minutes walk.

Second Day Expenditure
1. Food 500,000 vnd (800 baht)
2. entrance fee Player 1000 Baht
3. Car to Mui Ne 220,000 vnd (350 baht)
4. Accommodation fee 600 Baht

Price per person 1,375 Baht

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