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Where to enjoy nature outside of Sydney

Sydney is the capital of Australia. A place that is hard to feel tired of the abundance of activities and activities to do around the city. You can go beach jumping all day and never hit a unique beach all around town. You can say the same for museums, cafes, monuments and parks. But even the busiest city, it sometimes goes out and enjoys the sunshine in nature, far from the masses.

While I was at work in Sydney, I traveled as many days as possible to explore the area around the city, and I gathered a list of favorites from those memories. And because public transport is at the top of most of New South Wales, I can get to all of these locations by bus, train or ferry.

Blue Mountains
One of the more popular trips to explore outside of Sydney, traveling with the Blue Mountains is a perfect escape to nature if you are short on time and enjoy. Walk with rocky trails and breathtaking views. The Blue Mountains are only two and a half hours from Sydney, and half an hour from Sydney, making it easy to travel in one day.

Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia

You still meet the crowds at the popular spots of the Blue Mountains, such as the Three Sisters. Be careful, but there are moments of solitude that you will find in the bush forests of the many hiking trails that are available.

Katoomba is the main jumping point for people to see the mountains. There is a full-fledged MĂ©tropole Express where you can register for the city, which is attractive when you are short of time and want to see everything. But I would like to recommend the survey yourself. Naturally, there are lots of beautiful lookouts and little moments on the trail that I would never find shuttled around a group tour.

And if you suspect the mountains are getting their famous blue tones from a mass of eucalyptus that feeds into the atmosphere, it will interact with steam and dust particles to reflect back. The blue smoke that comes out of the mountain is quite cool, right?

Royal National Park
The Royal National Park is just minutes away from Sydney and is close to the Blue Mountains and offers the best of Australian beauty. This route is made to handle multi-day hikes. But that does not mean you can not see the park in one day. You will not see much.

Royal National Park in New South Wales, Australia.

Royal National Park is the second largest national park in the world after Yellowstone and covers a large area that will lead you to many of the terrain. Because the park is not as popular as other destinations, you may not meet many climbers while you are there.

This is a great way if your goal is to disconnect naturally. But that means you should pack appropriately as well. I did not do my research ahead of time, and I almost lost in the middle of the bush with wild kangaroos jumping around. I actually did not sound all that bad. But when you just bring a bottle of water without food and you know your phone dies after losing the route, panic mode quickly ensues. I barely made it to the final ferry back to Sydney after a full day in the park. But it is one of the greatest adventures I have had in my time in Australia.

If you are heading to the Royal National Park, you are ready for the terrifying view and the wild nature as far as the eye can see.

Ku-Ring Gai Chase National Park
Ku-Ring Gai Chase National Park is a popular campsite for local Sydneysiders.

It is Australia’s second largest national park and another that covers large areas of land, which may not be possible to explore within a day. The park was once home to the Garigal tribe and has over 800 locations in Aboriginal so it is a great place to learn more about Aboriginal history in New South Wales. It is also a place where Skippy Bush Kangaroo (equivalent to Australia’s Lassie) has been filmed, so it exists as well.

Newcastle and Terrigal
In the north of Sydney, the small towns of Newcastle and Terrigal ashore are easily accessible by train from the city. You may not find nature here as much as you would go to one of the national parks mentioned above. But you will find people less and the other side to New South Wales altogether.

Newcastle in New South Wales – Australia

Newcastle is the second most populous city in New South Wales. But you will not know when you come in a relaxed way compared to Sydney. Here you will find exotic art, cafe history, prisoners and friendly villagers. And because the city does not mean there is no chance of being lost in nature. My favorite is Nobbys head, walking the ocean at the end of the lighthouse and pier entrance.

Newcastle Ocean Bay is also in town. If there is one thing you should know about Australia, how many Australians love the ocean and the ocean baths. Newcastle is no exception.

But your day should not end with Newcastle Terrigal. This small town is worth the stopover and continues on to Sydney. Take the rest of your day to lay on the sand at North Avoca Beach and walk up the cliffs for great sunset views. I promise it will be the perfect ending for your day away from town and in nature.

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